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Sexy Sobriety

The Challenge

Rebecca Weller needed a Membership Site for her new online program, Sexy Sobriety. Her clients would need to be able to self-start this new program at any time and receive daily activities and encouragement, both email- and web-based. The 91 levels (encompassing all 150+ pieces of content) would be a mix of multimedia content including video, audio, and PDF-form journals. The first 90 levels would need to be incremented daily, to avoid overwhelm for the members as they progress through the course.

Fully Configured Membership Site

More than 150 pages of content

Mailchimp template + Automation for 90 Daily emails

Pages of content

Weeks to complete

Membership levels

Brilliant Membership site

The Solution

+ Full Brand Identity: Logo, fonts and colour design
+ Wishlist integration: 91 levels of sequential daily access.
+ Members able to self-start at any time, with full Paypal integration
+ Mailchimp mailing list: template design + auto-responder setup
+ Mailchimp automation: 90 daily emails triggered by member registration
+ A 4-level Dashboard and a multi-media Welcome page.
+ Embedded videos and multi-tiered comments function.
+ Social Media graphics: header images + Instagram templates

Video editing for all interviews
Custom Promotional Video
Custom Video Intro for all interviews

When I first approached Dominic with big dreams of a 90-day progressive online program, I wasn’t even sure if it was possible.

Dom’s passion and enthusiasm for web design meant that he almost read my mind, before bringing my vision to life in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

Nothing was too much trouble throughout the design and build process. Dominic took care of all the things I didn’t even know I needed – crucial elements like payment system integration, daily email triggers, and the intuitive flow of the user interface. He even took on the creation of an animated video for my site.

Dom continues to create new graphics every month for my social media and live coaching call webinars – graphics that have my gorgeous members raving.

He has given me a cutting edge, interactive, functional website that thoroughly exceeded all my expectations.

Dom’s unique skill set results in gorgeous premium designs, bursting with originality and creativity. He brings brands to life.

Rebecca Weller

Sexy Sobriety